Lettrage T2 Design is a family-owned company that, since 1993, has gained experience in every aspect of LETTERING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, SIGNAGE and ECO LARGE FORMAT PRINTING SOLUTIONS. Our entire team is devoted and strives to always provide quality products, innovative and custom graphic styles and unmatched attention to details throughout every project, with the added benefits of years of experience.

Our mission is to amaze and impress our customers, our competitors and their clientele. We do so by making sure that their brand image is unique and always in the forefront through exclusive graphic designs that perfectly blend with their work environment. Our core values are focus, precision, performance, listening and generosity.

« The only fully certified installers of the Suroît region »

T2 Design is very proud to be certified as « 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison’s CWI – Certified Wrap Installer and ARLON Preferred Fleet Installer », three coveted certifications. Hans Turmel, Owner and Production Manager, currently is the only installer of the Suroît region to have received theses three certifications, launching him to the top of the vehicle wrapping industry.


T2 Design carries on the family business’ main values, such as using quality materials, meticulousness, hard work and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. Our eco-friendly, large format HD printer provides bright and durable colors and our experience of over ten years in large format printing makes T2 Design the number one choice for this type of printing solution

We have also been providing lettering and graphic design services since 1990, and have been certified by both 3M and Avery Dennison. The T2 Design team is fully committed to offer to its clients custom graphic styling, high-quality products and a brand image that truly represents their company.


Brothers and associates Eric and Hans Turmel wished to measure their expertise to other vehicle graphic design studios and wrapping and lettering shops. Beginning in 2016, they started working towards taking the family business to the position of Canadian and Quebec leaders in their field. Thinking outside the box, offering customized solutions and presenting original designs at provincial, national and international contests were their objectives.


1st position, Vehicle Graphic category at the 2017 National Sign Competition organized by SignMedia Canada.

T2 Design, the reference in its field, took home the top award in the Vehicle Graphic category at the 2017 National Sign Competition organized by SignMedia Canada. This local company is recognized once more on the national level with this award and the Turmel brothers’ ambition does not stop there.


1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, Vehicle Lettering & Wrapping category, Association québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne. (AQIE)

The three most efficient and appealing commercial lettering vehicule wrapping designs come from T2 Design.
These projects were amongst the most impressive ones the team created over the last year and represent the shop’s daily work perfectly. Once again, the Turmel duo and their team pushed back the barriers and stood out to elevate the industry’s standards.


1st position, Vehicle Graphic Design category, Sign Association of Canada. (SAC-ACE)

The winning project was an all-terrain vehicle for the emergency services of the Suroît medical unit. The graphic template was designed in accordance with the unit’s colours, then printed and pre-cut to fit the shape of the vehicle. The emergency ATV is definitely a head-turner with its fully reflective graphic design.


1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, Vehicle Lettering & Wrapping category, Association québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne. (AQIE)

T2 Design’s strength resides in vehicle wrapping, which is why they took home all the awards in this category! The team set out to create a well-balanced graphic design to show the results of their research and development. To accomplish this goal, they had to strategically use the surface of the vehicle to make sure that the message they are trying to convey can be understood on a moving display.


1st position, Vehicle Wrapping Design category, Sign Association of Canada. (SAC-ACE)

The design brought to the contest was very challenging. First, all sides of the vehicle were graphically different, but fit in perfectly. Then, a shading effect was created on the driver and passenger sides to accentuate the air vent effect. The vinyl had to be precisely installed on the car’s fold for a convincing result. Finally, the hood and trunk of the vehicle were seamlessly wrapped in 3D carbon vinyl.


Two-time winners of the Chambre de commerce Beauharnois-Salaberry awards

“Environment—GOING GREEN” Category: The perfect mix of sustainable development and innovation! The company offers an eco-friendly line of products, chooses to work with durable material, and its prints are certified “Ecosolutions”.

“Business ownership transfer process—THE SUCCESSION” Category: The 5 fundamental principles of entrepreneurship were followed! The company excelled in spreading the new brand image, hiring personnel and acquiring new equipment that had never been used in Quebec before.