Our specialty? Remarkable, head-turning vehicle wrapping. Your vehicle could be your best asset when it comes to marketing, as it can advertize your company at an affordable price. It is the best way to really get people’s attention. T2 Design is a pioneer in lettering and partial or full vehicle wrapping. We pay close attention to our prints’ colors, as well as their durability.

Our many years of experience allow us to provide an outstanding service that sets us apart from the competition. You can improve your commercial visibility with a catchy type of lettering and truly steal the spotlight with a quality car wrap that is certified, noteworthy and original. We are proud to be the only company in the larger Suroît region, to have obtained the highest certifications of our industry.

« The only fully certified installers of the Suroît region »

T2 Design is very proud to be certified as « 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison’s CWI – Certified Wrap Installer and ARLON Preferred Fleet Installer », three coveted certifications. Hans Turmel, Owner and Production Manager, currently is the only installer of the Suroît region to have received certifications, launching him to the top of the vehicle wrapping industry.


Over the last few years, vehicle wrapping, also known as coating, is the new trend in automobile lettering and it shows no sign of slowing down. Our vehicle wrapping process is truly innovative and creative, as we use laminating and wrap films that are phtalate- and PVC- free, made from biodegradable materials with no added chlorine or halogen. We also use water-based latex ink for our prints, thus making T2 Design a leader in “eco-friendly” impressions in Quebec. Look for the “Ecosolutions” logotype on our eco-lettering.

“Environmentally responsible vehicle wrapping”

Wrapping your vehicle will quickly become a profitable investment for your company! Its main advantage is that there is virtually no limit to the design possibilities and our graphic design team works tirelessly to constantly innovate and remain the leader in their field.

In order to create powerful lettering, T2 graphic designers are always on the lookout for now processes to attain the perfect visual effect, from the illustration stage to the post-printing montage. Our graphic designers are also very meticulous and pay close attention to details in order to dissimulate the vinyl joints.

In the end, there are no surprises: the graphics are placed exactly where they should be on your vehicle. The colors can also be adjusted to the right degree of brightness, and, if necessary, the color gradation is tinted to fit the automobile’s original shade. These details are what make us stand out from our competitors and leave our customers satisfied!

“Quality = Durability”

Some of our clients have had the same vehicle wrap for over eight years. They also appreciate the fact that our vinyl wrap protects their automobile’s original coat of paint and can be taken out without causing any damage. However, in order to get the best results possible, the body of the vehicle must be in good condition and free of any imperfections.


Aesthetic vehicle wrapping is a unique way to personalize your fleet, while still keeping and protecting the original paint on the vehicles. It is a very popular solution in Europe to replace the usually white color of commercial trucks, or of a rented luxury car, without having to repaint the whole vehicle.


It is the best way to change the style and finish of an automobile without any consequences. Indeed, once the vehicle has to be sold, the owner can simply peel off the adhesive film used to decorate or protect the body of the car. Luxury cars therefore keep their value because the vinyl does not compromise the paint, or the body. Customers can choose among a plethora of unique colors and finishes: glossy, matte, metallic, metal flake, chromed, or textured with 3D carbon and faux leather vinyl.


Printed lettering is both an efficient and popular advertising solution. Less expensive than vehicle wrapping, its design possibilities are more flexible than traditional vinyl cutting lettering. The design is first printed on vinyl with our eco-friendly large format printer, so it has all of the colorimetric benefits of digital printing, and is then trimmed by our computerized cutters. This whole process allows us to include more delicate graphic elements in our designs. The stylized cutting also creates an interesting transition between the vinyl and the vehicle.


Printed lettering is not the only way to create a lasting impression. Amazing designs can be made with vinyl cutting, a technique we have been perfecting since the 1990s. Graphic design has changed and evolved throughout the years, but the vinyl cutting usage and installation process has essentially remained the same. However, this more traditional solution limits some design aspects, such as color choices and overlaying, as well as the dimension of some graphic elements. The colored vinyl is still offered in a variety of shades and finishes: opaque, metallic, chromed, pearlescent, translucent, luminescent, reflective and even textured. 3D vinyl includes carbon and faux leather. We cut the vinyl with computerized cutters to insure a constant and precise cut.


We have been creating and installing unique custom accent stripes since 1985 and, over the years, vehicle personalization has become our trademark. Our designers use many different techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind designs, always keeping in mind the needs and desires of our customers. Our eco-friendly large format printer allows us to offer a large number of customization options. Choose to be different with T2 Design accent stripes. We also provide other services, such as tinted glass and 3M vinyl and PROTEX stone guard installation.