Competent and trust-worthy printer who offer quality long-lasting products are hard to find. By putting time and effort in R&D, T2 Design is always on the lookout for new printable material and also develops innovative printing techniques. For instance, we now print on a plethora of unconventional films, such as metallic or textured vinyl.

While in a constant search for the most unique concepts, T2 Design has pushed back creative boundaries. In 2016, the Turmel brothers won the first prize in the national competition of the Association québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne (AQIE) in the Lettering and Vehicle Wrapping categories. Research and development is an important part of the company and the team decided to show the result of its work. A more resistant type of carbon was the objective, something more realistic than the Carbon 3D on the market today.

The idea was to create the perfect illusion with the warm color tones when the sun hit the carbon. This homemade product turned out to be a true success.

T2 Design has become a leader and a visionary company in its field when it comes to environmental responsibility in Quebec. The first step to this achievement happened in 2014 when the enterprise won an award from the Beauharnois-Salaberry Chamber of commerce in the Environnement Virage Vert category, for its outstanding work in combining durability and innovation. With its Ecosolution certification, its line of green products and use of long-lasting material, T2 keeps on promoting accountability when it comes to the environment in its field.

« The only fully certified installers of the Suroît region »

T2 Design is very proud to be certified as « 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison’s CWI – Certified Wrap Installer and ARLON Preferred Fleet Installer », three coveted certifications. Hans Turmel, Owner and Production Manager, currently is the only installer of the Suroît region to have received both certifications, launching him to the top of the vehicle wrapping industry.


Our environmentally friendly commitment became even more serious once we acquired the latest technology in large format printers. Our ecological printer uses water-based latex ink, free of any chemical solvent. Moreover, its latex toner cartridges, as well as all of its consumable items, are completely recyclable. T2 Design is proud to be the first company of its kind in the Suroît region to print “eco consciously” with the HP “Ecosolutions” certification. Look for the “Ecosolutions” logotype on our ecological vehicle lettering.

“Eco conscious vehicle wrapping”

Sustainable development begins with the desire to provide the best solutions possible to our ecologically minded customers.

T2 Design also offers a range of recycled and biodegradable products. We are constantly on the lookout for the most ecological materials available, such as recycled PVC panels and recyclable or biodegradable banners. As a consequence of our efforts towards being more environmentally conscious, our clients can get LEED credits if they use our new ecological products for their interior design projects.

T2 Design is now a pioneer and leader in its field when it comes to being environmentally responsible. Many steps were taken on the path to being environmentally friendly and the results are big: in 2014, the company won the award “Environment—GOING GREEN”: The perfect mix of sustainable development and innovation from the Chambre de commerce Beauharnois-Salaberry. Eco-solution certified printing, a line of green products and long-lasting material choices prove that T2 keeps on working to make its industry more eco-conscious.


We also create artistic, ornamental and commercial murals that can be installed on many different indoor and outdoor surfaces, such as gypsum, concrete, brick, glass, etc. With our “3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison’s CWI – Certified Wrap Installer and ARLON Preferred Fleet Installer ” certifications, we are the number one choice for any type of displays, event marketing and building design.


T2 Design now provides a custom mural impression service for designers looking for the most exclusive concepts. We offer the complete line of 3M DINOC Architectural Finishes and 3M Fasara Glass Finishes and a whole array of unique products and wrap films for all of your interior design ideas.

“If you can imagine it,
T2 Design can make it”

We offer a variety of products and finishes for indoor murals. And for your ecological or LEED projects, we can provide a range of PVC—and phthalate—free products that are made from biodegradable materials with no added chlorine or halogen. Come by our studio right now to talk about your latest design ideas!

“Creative deco ideas”

Acrylic surfaces are more and more in demand from interior designers because they are appealing. The images are printed on the back of the acrylic panels, which gives the final product an ultra glossy finish. They are innovative, flexible and resistant.