A company’s signage represents its image and achievements. Nowadays, technology allows us to offer a plethora of display options: pylon sign, channel-lettered sign, wall sign, pole-mounted sign, storefront display, building wrapping, directional sign and indoor sign. We can provide all of those tools to display any sign you wish, up to your standards.

A well-designed sign leads to more exposure for your business. It not only displays your brand image, but helps promote your products and inform your clients.

“The public’s first look at your business”

T2 Design offers turnkey solutions for all of your signage projects. Our main motivation is a job well-done, so we make sure to advise you on the kind of display that fits your needs, and guarantee proper installation.

Outdoor signs are constantly exposed to nature’s elements, so the materials used must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also durable. They are assembled in order to convey your company’s image with as much impact as possible, while staying intact. Some of our creations have been displayed outside since the 90s and have resisted to our Quebec winters!

« The only fully certified installers of the Suroît region »

T2 Design is very proud to be certified as « 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison’s CWI – Certified Wrap Installer and ARLON Preferred Fleet Installer », three coveted certifications. Hans Turmel, Owner and Production Manager, currently is the only installer of the Suroît region to have received certifications, launching him to the top of the vehicle wrapping industry.


We respect your corporate signature and provide you with professional visibility. Since 1990, T2 Design creates and manufactures lighted signs that fits your building’s architecture and the environment that surrounds it.

From your needs assessment to the designing of signs up to your standards, T2 Design can undertake every step of the process. We create the design, a detailed layout plan for your city’s urban planning department, to then take on the manufacturing and installation of your lighted sign.

“A long-term philosophy when it comes to material choices is eco-friendly”

RBQ licence holders from the Régie du bâtiment, we have built our reputation on our long-term vision. That is why we use top quality material with exceptional durability. If you want peace of mind, do not hesitate to contact us, so we can evaluate your needs and establish the budget for your lighted sign projects.


T2 Design builds striking quality signs from durable material. Indeed, our priority is that our products last over time. Wooden sculpted or engraved signs have always been very popular amongst the stores and businesses in Quebec, but to ensure their durability and reduce maintenance costs, we use materials that can be sculpted and worked in a way so that they look like wood. The service we offer is complete, from the conception to the installation.

“Meticulous and precise work: the art of the sculpted sign”

Wooden signs, which have been considered to have a traditional or “country” style, now offer much more modern and contemporary possibilities. For instance, our wall or hanged sculpted signs are in high demand in many different areas: for businesses, institutions, or even home décor. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor designing, the sculpted sign creates depth with high and low relief lettering. Some of our most inventive creations are also mounted with 3D pieces that make them truly unique

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression”

Our turnkey service for all of your outdoor dimensional or wall signs begins with the conception and design, followed by a layout plan for the city’s urban planning department, all the way to the installation! We even build the sign’s structure, its holder and post. Some of our projects have been outdoors since 1995 and are still intact, despite our rough Quebec winters!

“A philosophy based on sustainability begins with ecological choices for the materials we use.”


Printed on different kinds of cloth by dye sublimation, a large selection of flexible event marketing products are available here. For instance, we can make flag displays, banners, flexible sandwich boards, roll-up banner systems, sign holders, customized pop-up and dome tents, inflatable dome tents, pop-up media walls, customized umbrellas and everything else you need for your exhibition booth.


Working with the architects or designers, or even directly with the project manager of your company, we can build custom indoor and outdoor signage for your facility. We create directional and visual communication devices that facilitate movement around the office, while still being compliant with safety and efficiency standards.

  • Customized displays
  • Honorary plaques
  • Directory
  • Evacuation plans
  • Sliding systems
  • Door plates
  • Different icons
  • And other similar products